Kleines virtuelles Museum für mechanisches Spielzeug (Spielfiguren) der 50er, 60er und 70er Jahre aus Blech und Plüsch

Whistling Tree

Musikvideo Munk The Beat


Gino the Balloon Man

Reading Bear

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Mambo the Drummimg Elephant, Dandy the Drumming Dog, Charly the   Pinky the Clown             Drumming Clown, Daisy the Drumming Duck, Chimpy the Drumming Monkey     

Frankenstein                                           Mod Monster                                                Great Garloo                       Crapshooter                          Mc Gregor              Gino the Balloon Man                     Roulette Man           Fruit Juice Counter                       Hungry Baby Bear             Spanking Bear              Hungry Baby Pup              Burger Chef                   Piggy Cook                 Chef Cook           Jolly Bambino  Suzette the Eating Monkey  Bubble Blowing Monkey         Shoeshine Joe           Shoeshine Bear      Smoking Papa Bear   Mr. Mc Pooch Burney Drumming Bear   Accordion Bear   Peter Drumming Rabbit   Musical Marching Bear    Mickey Mouse .        Mr. Fox Magician                        Dentist Bear                  Barber Bear                   Rock`n Roll Monkey    Fishing Polar Bear      Hoopy the Fishing Duck         Sleeping Baby Bear                 Teddy the Boxing Bear             Traveler Bear                   Jolly Pianist        Fido the Xylophone Player                  Trumpet Monkey            Teddy the Artist          Knitting Grandma                  Dolly Seamstress                         Hungry Cat      Vip Busy Boss Bear                                   Telephone Bear                                      Telephone Rabbit                 Telephone Operator                  Busy Secretary                                    Miss Friday Typist Peppermint Twist Doll     Hoop Zing girl          Strutting Sam         Mc Gregor             Bubble Blowing Musician      Happy the Violonist           Happy the Clown Puppet Show        Happy/Sad Clown             Dancing Indian          Bartender                      Charlie Weaver      Good Time Charlie      Drinking Captain         Sammy Wong         Windy the Elephant                    Bubble blowing Elephant                              Jungle Jumbo              Brave Eaglearshal          Marshal  Wild Bill           Calypso Joe           Happy Minor            Nutty Mad Indian    Smoking Grandpa        Busy Housekeeper   Smoking an Soeshining Bear   Frankie the Rollerskating Monkey     Teddy the Balloon Blowing Bear            Drinking Bear          Drinking Panda Bear             Monkey on a Picnic   g            Drinking Dog                  Drinking Monkey                                Picnic Bunny            Maxwell Loving Bear  

      Crapshooting Monkey         Happy Chimp               - - - - - - -            Frendly Jocko               Mambo Joe           Happy Band Trio                       Pete the Talking Parrot              Roaring Gorilla Shooting Gallery                          Jerry on Handcar                            Mac the Turtle                               Mickey Mouse on Handcar     Pinocchio playing Xylophone                        Topo Gigio Playing  Xylophone                    Musical Clown                     Alley the Alligator                          Walking Bear                              Somersaulting Pup                            Roaring Lion                               Bengali the Tiger                    Mary`s Little Lamb                          Fred Flintstone on Dino                        Fred`s Bedrock   Band                 Mr. Stronpup        Funland Cub Ride                          Feeding Birdwatcher                                              Royal Cub     Ball Blowing Clown            Bimbo the Clown           High Jinks at the Circus             Hobo Playing Accordion    Magic Man            Clown on Monkey Car         Balloon Vendor   Dozo the Steaming Clown    Clown Magician    Bubble Blowing Rabbit          Ol`Sleepy Head Rip                      Hooty the Owl                    Jolly Pinguin                          El Torro                                                        Bubbling Bull                    Two Gun Sheriff          Jolly Bear Peanut Vendor                     Yo-Yo Monkey                 Reading Bear                  Sneezing Bear       Dancing Merry Chimp         Musical Jolly Chimp              Hy - Que Monkey                 Buttons the Dog        Big Parade                                                     Toyland Drum Major                     Brewster the Rooster      Lady Pup Gardener                      Bubbles Washing Bear             Blacksmith Bear          Tumbles the Bear                                                             Santa on Globe          Happy Santa  Walking              Happy Santa    


Leider zerfällt die Haut des " eiskalten Händchens"                                 Creeping Crawling Hand

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"Meine geliebten Batterieautomaten"

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